Some Clever Ways to Use the Corks That You Stored Away!

The best way to kick start a celebration is to open a bottle of wine, and for such a celebration, you don’t really need a reason. Just ask some of your friends or colleagues to come over, take your favourite bottles of wine out of your wine cooler, and enjoy. Some people enjoy wine as young and wild party lovers. Nothing makes such party lovers any happier than getting together with other young party lovers and debating current affairs over a bottle of Pinot. However, the ultimate cost of these gatherings is an ever-growing mound of champagne corks.

Here are a few clever and creative uses for those annoying stoppers!

Preventing scratches on pottery

Your lovely pottery can leave unsightly scratches on your furnishings. To avoid those, cut thin strips of cork and glue them to the bottoms of your ceramic objects to save your tabletops.

Use corks as pop bottle caps

Did you lose the cap for your pop bottle? Are you looking for a replacement? The solution is simple, just put a cork in it! Most wine corks will easily fit most soda bottles.

Use old corks to make pour spouts

If you don’t have one of those fancy metal pour spouts for controlling the flow from your oil or vinegar container, you’re in luck. You do not require one. Cut a slice of cork down its length to create your own spout. Place the cork in the bottle and start pouring.

Create your own stamps

One creative way to use champagne corks is to create stamps. Carve any form or design you choose into the end of a cork. Use it to embellish note cards using ink from a stamp pad. Allow the kids to make artwork by dipping cut corks in paint.

Make a unique beaded curtain

Are you looking for ways to make your child’s room look funkier? One of the best ways to achieve that goal is to make some stylish beaded curtains. Drill a hole in all the corks that you have and put them on a string with beads and other decorations onto a cord. Tie as many strings as you need to a curtain rod.

Use corks to secure your earrings

Earring backs are always misplaced, and a perfect-sized stand-in isn’t always available when you need it. As a simple alternative, just use a piece of cork.

Make image frames holders

If you find yourself constantly straightening picture frames on the wall, cut some flat, uniformly thick pieces of cork and glue them to the rear of the frame. The cork will adhere to the wall and prevent it from slipping. It also keeps the frame from scratching the wall.

Make impromptu pincushions out of corks

Need a convenient way to keep pins while sewing? Save the corks from wine bottles for pincushions!

Replace pop bottle caps with cork

Are you looking for a replacement cap for your pop bottle? Put it in! Most wine corks will fit most soda bottles.

So next time when you finish serving a bottle of wine, don’t throw away the wooden cork. Neither should you consider all the wooden corks useless. Instead, use your creativity to make the best out of them using our suggestions.

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